Friday, June 22, 2012

Herbal Remedies for Back to School Worries

For parents, children, and young adults, the beginning of fall means a return to school. It also means the return of early mornings, tough homework assignments, and flu bugs. When facing the stress of excelling in class and spending all day in close quarters with other people, herbal remedies can help students and parents stay well-rested, alert, and healthy.

Stress Relief and Sleep

Restful sleep is the foundation of both good health and academic excellence. A few simple herbal products can help you take full advantage of precious downtime. Utilizing herbs such as passion flower, valerian, and catnip, can soothe anxiety and promote deep recuperative sleep. Lavender Essential Oil can be placed in an oil diffuser, dropped on to pillow cases, or massaged into the temples or feet for a gentle aromatherapuetic relaxation aid. For adults and college students, a few drops of Kava tincture can help reduce anxiety and relive stress.

Mental Focus and Alertness

Even after a good night's sleep, students and parents can always use a little extra push to get through a tough assignment, long lecture, or busy after school program. Herbs such as gingko and gotu-kola are being researched for their benefits to memory and logic - plus it has a delightful lemony flavor. Yerba Mate is a lightly caffeinated and anti-oxidant rich alternative to coffee, great for all day energy. A traditional South American drink, it comes in two tasty varieties: Green or Roasted. The roasted variety can be added to homemade lemonade for a sweet tasting healthy beverage

Immune System Support

Students of all ages are exposed to a wide variety of pathogens in classrooms and cafeterias, in crowded hallways, and on buses. Staying healthy is crucial to learning, and everyone's immune system can use a little support sometimes. Rosehips and Hibiscus make a delicious red tea chock full of Vitamin C. Astragalus in a traditional Chinese herb to regulate and strengthen the immune system, and scientests are now studying its beneficial effects in fighting pathogens. If a nasty bug does slip past your defenses, Elderberries in a tea or syrup nourishes and enhances the immune system's ability to fight influenza, colds, and infections. Osha root can be very benefical to helping any cough or congestion in the lungs

Back to school season can be a real challenge, but with a little help from Mother Nature, we can all look forward to a healthy and successful school year.